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Content is King!

Content is still King! Hi, I am Roger Lichfield and I have done internet marketing since 1999. I have been through the roller coaster ride of different top Search Engines Ranging from Alta Vista to Yahoo being top dog until they were dethroned by Google. Before Google became King of Search most of the tactics where based around Black-Hat SEO, cheap, dirty tricks to get Rankings. Black Hat SEO even worked with Google for a number of years, but as time went on it was clear you had to have Great Content that was relevant to the potential visitors to your site.

I did specialize marketing for Education vertical, we had around 20 Main keywords we focused on with 100 supplemental keywords we focused on. Our goal was to gain 2-3 of the top organic spots for each major keyword. We were very successful at running our organic search campaigns.

With the Advent of the iPhone in 2007 I started focusing on Mobile Apps (iOS and then later Android). I had one of the first 1,000 apps released on the Apple App Store. I later had a very popular Holy Bible App which was consistently on top Paid apps under the “Books” category.  Also had a few games that where in the Top 30 overall download apps for Free. While in this spot we would get 30,000 downloads a day.  With the release of iBooks also released several books both under Free and Paid. Where in the top total downloads for all categories under the Free for several months.

The 2010’s was a shift from Google as being King to now divided eye attention with FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and now TikTok. While none of these platforms are a direct competitor to Google for Search they do take away attention from consumers and provide a long term threat for search.

I am a Digital Media Strategist I offer a Comprehensive approach to using almost every relevant media channel to get results including but not limited to: Amazon, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Etsy, Reddit and more. I call these Content “Streams” as in a river stream. I help you identify the Low Hanging Fruit and the easiest pickings at first and then come up with a comprehensive Content to help create more volume in each “Stream”.  A Comprehensive content plan takes into account that these “Streams” will empty to into two “Lakes” the first Lake is the Giant collection of Content that you have, Google Crawls, Indexes and Ranks all these little “Streams” creating a Reservoir of content to glean from in the SERP. The Other Reservoir that we continually create is your own Database/Collection of Users and Followers that have Signed up for Newsletters on your site or Follow you on major Social Media. This collection of user data is a reservoir or collection of people we can influence /introduce your content to.

Content is still King, even more now than ever! To Create these Streams and build of “Reservoirs” it takes quality content. It’s all about implementing the right strategies with the right content. Think about content you “Like, Read, Follow, Search For”. You have a trust with these Search Engines and Social Media that they are providing quality content similar to what you have “liked” or within the context of what you are searching. If they don’t deliver they will lose you to a competitor.

Social Media


Social Media needs to be at the core of your Digital Marketing Strategy. There is a plethora of different Social Media platforms that you will be able to gain Followers, Sales and Services. These platforms can have benefits for branding and on conversions. The key is to provide good content specific for that platform.

Low Hanging Fruit


Identifying “Low Hanging Fruit” in which the easiest and quickest conversions can come from is critical to cash flow and gaining momentum. The key to low hanging fruit is to leverage is productivity and traction into other Digital Media channels that may convert. Low hanging fruit can account for up to 80% of your sales and traction for the first leg of your campaign. However long term as you are able to solidify other channels that take a while to gain traction you can see the low hanging fruit drop to 20-40% of your overall conversions.

A few examples of low hanging fruit can be selling a product on Amazon and leveraging their marketplace. While Amazon can provide a lot of sales the profit margins are usually narrow due to competition, copy cats and others. So a key would be to launch with Amazon, work on your own Shopify site. If it is the right product you could then sell with Etsy or list on other reseller sites. But long term is a Direct to Consumer approach. As you branch out you will slowly get more engagements and interest in other social media platforms.

Google SERP’s


Google is King of Search and Bing will have similar results to Google. Overall your plan to rank in Google besides doing on site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strong Social Media plan. All of these smaller marketing channels will slowly feed into the Google “Lake”. I refer to Google “Lake” as your content being crawled and linked backed to your site, as well as on Social Media. All of these little streams will continue to be part of the Google “Lake” in which you can rank for varying terms and keywords.

Using Google Adwords is also a strategy. I recommend to clients to identify a core set of keywords to rank for and then have a subset of long tail keywords to focus on.

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